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Sign vandalism response

September 15, 2020 Letters to the Editor

Yes, many of us are victims of our Joe Biden signs being stolen or vandalized. Would those who are afraid of others voicing freedom of thought as well as free speech try to justify why no one bothers with signs that have words on them that cannot be printed in the newspaper?

Signs with “no more bull...” and reelect the mother....” show real class and intelligence. What do parents say to their children who question why this is OK? Now that school is open their presence gives an unneeded topic of conversation for children as buses drive by them.

The First Amendment gives them the “right” to post offensive signs and flags. We as neighbors and fellow Americans do not need to approve. Let them know. Let those who can’t simply put up a sign with their candidate’s name on it, give some thought to what is decent and civil minded.

But please, do not steal them or vandalize these signs and flags, it is illegal and why stoop to the levels of those who do?