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Pedestrian injured by car while walking along Route 422

August 13, 2020 News Extra

A 56-year-old woman was injured this morning when a car struck her as she was walking on the side of Route 422 at Dick Road in Franklin Township, authorities said. She was taken by ambulance to Butler Memorial Hospital with apparent minor injuries.

"She was complaining of hip and back pain," said Nathan Blackwood, assistant chief for the Prospect Volunteer Fire Department.

Emergency crews said they had difficulty communicating with her because she speaks Mandarin Chinese.

The woman lives nearby with several others who routinely walk on the side of Route 422 for exercise, state police said. They all also work together nearby.

"They walk on this road everyday," said Trooper Josh Sheppeck, the investigating officer. "I've seen them. There are usually four or five of them."

The woman, at the time of the accident, was walking with two others, west on the eastbound berm of Route 422 when they approached Dick Road. She was hit by a woman in her late 20s or early 30s, driving a Ford Fusion.

One of the others, a woman, told police that they believed the car was parked when they continued walking in front of the vehicle.

The driver, however, was stopped at a stop sign and looking to make sure traffic was clear, Sheppeck said.

He estimated the driver was going no more than 20 mph when she pulled out to turn east on Route 422 and struck the woman. The driver told police she was headed to work.

The accident did not cause any traffic restrictions. Police said they did not immediately know if any charges would filed. Authorities said, she was taken by ambulance to Butler Memorial Hospital with apparent minor injuries.