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Which news source can I trust?


August 12, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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In response to Nancy Nicklas’ letter on July 30.

I was once a Democrat but switched sides because I believe the party has abandoned the principles I believe in.

Any other news source such as NBC, CBS, etc., constantly attacks Donald Trump but never credits him for the promises he has kept. ABC does a Trump fact check every weekend using facts from CNN, but I have never seen such a thing for any other candidate. Where is the fairness in that? The news only seems interested in tearing things down associated with Republicans.

I would like to know which source of news to trust when each source seems beholden to a party? While Fox editorials do favor Trump, you would be hard-pressed to find any other news source that is not pro Democrat. Fox at least has on-air talent that presents other points of view. Other news sites seem only interested in Democrat opinions.

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