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Deborah Davison

August 8, 2020 In Memoriams

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Debbie Davison


In loving memory of our beloved Deborah Davison

who passed away four years ago today.

Mawmaw, where do I begin. Hearing the news that you had passed affected me so harshly. There isn’t a second that goes by in my head where I don’t think of you and what you would do in this moment.

All the memories we have from me dancing to Lady Gaga to you helping me with math homework while I cried and got mad at it.

It’s been four years that I haven’t felt your hugs or your heart touching voice.

You’ve impacted so many peoples life’s it’s amazing. You where such a light spirited person and easy to love. But always could smack a buttie enda if needed.

Holidays are so empty now that you are gone. And I’m afraid it’ll never be the same without you. You left us too soon, but it was your time. And there is no fighting that.

I miss running to you crying that mommy and daddy yelled at me, coming over for cookies and milk after school. And eating baked potatoes every single day it all meant everything to me. Always spoiling me when we went shopping only to having five minutes to pick out a toy but we would always spend a half hour picking out a toy for me. Your love towards me could never be broke.

I may not be able to see you physically but I know your always by me guiding me in the right direction no matter how many mistakes I make you always lead me back in the right path.

Your bond with the family will never be forgotten. I wish I was by your side more when you were sick just like how you always were for me.

Seeing your footprints in the snow in the driveway when I was sick made me feel so loved.

Seeing what you were going through was hard for me to process in my mind at such a young age but looking back you were so strong, the strongest person I know.

You were and will always be the closest person to me. No one else could ever replace you or the love you’ve given. Everyday gets harder and harder, knowing that I won’t be able to see you again for a while.

I will never forget who you are. You are my Mawmaw. And my love towards you is endless. Until I see you keep resting easy. I love you.

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