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Seeing Stripes

Zonkey named Zeus draws stares at Meridian Road farm

July 28, 2020 Digital Media Exclusive

Zeus, the zonkey, lives on Meridan Road at the farm of Kathy Kummer.

RENFREW — There have been reports of people pulling their cars off Meridian Road to get a better look at the strange creature cavorting in a pasture.

But it's not Bigfoot or a chupacabra that's stopping traffic in front of Kathy Kummer's farm.

It's Zeus, the 2-year-old zonkey, the product of a mating between a female donkey and a male zebra.

Zeus' arrival at Kummer's farm, the Lazy K Acres, is the culmination of a dream of Kummer's daughter, Audra Bowers of Fox Chapel. She grew up on the farm with her sisters.

“As a child, my daughter always asked for a zebra. When they started breeding zonkeys, she found one and bought it,” Kummer said.

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