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COVID UPDATE 7/10: County adds 7 confirmed cases

July 10, 2020 News Extra

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Seven new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported in Butler County Friday — one more than the number reported Thursday, but still fewer than Wednesday's daily record of 17 — as statewide cases jumped more than 1,000 for the first time since early May.

No new deaths were reported in the county.

Friday's addition of 1,009 new cases in Pennsylvania brings the total to 93,876 COVID-19 cases. Thirty-two new deaths associated with the virus were reported, bringing the statewide total to 6,880.

Unlike Thursday — in which Allegheny and Philadelphia counties brought about 44 percent of the new cases — two-thirds of diagnoses came from outside those two areas, with Allegheny reporting 180 new cases and Philadelphia reporting 182.

Between July 3 and July 8, 128,821 tests have been administered, with 4,793 returning positive — a rate of just under 4 percent. According to a state Department of Health news release, about 175 of the cases reported Friday are the result of an influx from private test results and did not occur during testing Thursday.

The state's addition of more than 1,000 cases is the highest number seen since May 9 as much of the country deals with surges of COVID-19, although mortality in the state is generally down. State officials again emphasized the urgency of following health guidelines. In a news release, Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine said Pennsylvania residents “must remain committed to protecting against COVID-19 by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and avoiding large gatherings.”

“Pennsylvania has been a model for the country on how to reopen effectively using a careful, measured approach,” her statement read. “However, the virus has not gone away and we are seeing cases rise, especially in Southwest Pennsylvania.”

The following numbers on the coronavirus pandemic were compiled from regular news releases from the state Department of Health and Butler Health System, which releases data every other day.

Friday's COVID-19 statistics:

Butler County

New cases: 7

Confirmed cases: 364

Probable cases: 39

Negative tests: 8,217

Deaths: 13


New cases: 1,009

Total cases: 93,876

New deaths: 32

Total deaths: 6,880

Recovered: 77 percent

Butler Memorial Hospital

Inpatients: 2

Suspected: 1

Confirmed: 1

ICU: 0

Total tests: 10,747

Outdoor tests: 4,186

Positive tests: 274

Clarion Hospital

Inpatients: 3

Suspected: 2

Confirmed: 1

ICU: 0

Total tests: 2,085

Outdoor tests: 1,481

Positive tests: 52

Surrounding counties

Allegheny: 4,360 confirmed cases (180 new); 70,657 negative; and 193 deaths

Armstrong: 84 confirmed (4 new); 2,584 negative; and 6 deaths

Beaver: 785 confirmed (12 new); 7,441 negative; and 79 deaths

Clarion: 57 confirmed (10 new); 1,120 negative; and 2 deaths

Lawrence: 135 confirmed (11 new); 3,308 negative; and 9 deaths

Mercer: 141 confirmed (1 new); 5,027 negative; and 6 deaths

Venango: 20 confirmed (0 new); 1,584 negative; and 0 deaths

Westmoreland: 926 confirmed (36 new); 21,424 negative; and 39 deaths

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