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C’mon Butler County; wear masks in public

July 2, 2020 Letters to the Editor

We have been asked as a nation to wear masks in public, in order to help protect public safety. It shouldn’t be difficult for people to comply; yet when I am out and about in Butler County these days, I have noticed many people—perhaps even a majority of people—are not wearing masks.

It is a small (if uncomfortable at times) sacrifice. Yet people refuse. Can you imagine our nation’s history had we not pulled together and sacrificed for the greater good?

World War II saw the sacrifice of soldiers, of course, but also of millions of women who bravely stepped in to help the war effort by doing manufacturing jobs. And can you imagine the chaos of Vietnam being made worse had half the draftees refuse to go? (Not including, of course, those whose wealthy parents helped certain draftees obtain questionable medical deferments.)

Yet our current society seems unwilling to sacrifice in even the most basic of ways, in order to help restore us from a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

It is the ultimate in selfishness and conceit. It makes me embarrassed for our nation, and for our neighbors here in Butler County.