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A message for BC3 graduates


July 2, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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Butler Community College is a fine institution, and this is my message for the graduates of BC3 and everyone.

I would like to congratulate all those who have completed their degrees this semester. This has been a year of many difficulties here at BC3 and in or country, yet you have persevered to complete your degree. This will be a part of the many challenges you face as you go into the work force or continue on to a higher degree.

I would like to thank all the professors, administrative personnel and others who I have met at BC3. This has been a very challenging and rewarding experience for me. We all need to show appreciation to those who have helped us to achieve our goals. As we show appreciation and strive to do our best, we can make positive changes to make the world a better place to live.

Always try to make things better than what they are. Do not complain about a problem but try to fix and make constructive suggestions. We are the future of this nation. We are pioneers. Pioneers take the challenges head on and provide a path for those who follow.

My experience at Butler Community College is one I will never forget. I hope you all feel the same way. Take what you have learned from this institution and be a pioneer in your chosen field. Always strive for excellence. I have and I hope you will do.

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