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The emperor’s clothes


July 1, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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Remember the story by Hans Christian Anderson written so many years ago?

Fake weavers sensing the longtime weakness and lack of resolve of the emperor told him they could weave for him the finest clothes ever: for a price. He was impressed by such promise for power and change that he agreed to the deal. He was deceived, and walked down the main street without any clothes on at all, his enablers, hangers on, and the intimidated masses all cheered.

They all refused to address the fact he had no clothes on. An innocent small boy called out “he has no clothes on!”

Gaining a brave front the people finally exclaimed the truth that the emperor was naked! It is so very harmful for a people and their country to be deceived in that “right becomes wrong” and “lies become truth.”

Who will have the courage in our times to call out the motives for the destruction of our history? Who will come to the defense of our time-honored Constitution, a belief in an Almighty Creator, and law and order? Who will be brave and speak out for the principals and honor America offers all its citizens, by using law and order for positive change not fake promises found in chaos, destruction and intimidation?

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