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Don't forget the delegates

May 29, 2020 Digital Media Exclusive

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They pay their own way, don't accept campaign contributions and neither draft nor vote on legislation.

But six Butler County residents are running to be delegates in their respective political party's national convention.

Although typically overshadowed by candidates running for office, delegates play a role in selecting a party's presidential candidate — even if it is already a foregone conclusion. And campaign signs for the Butler candidates are popping up around the county.

“Being a delegate would be an honor, and I think I could contribute to the party, the platform and the country that way,” said Tom King, a county attorney who is running to be a Republican delegate from the 16th Congressional District.

As Butler County is represented in the federal government by three separate congressional districts, residents will see different names on their ballots, depending on the district in which they live.

All three districts will elect three delegates for the Republican National Convention. For the Democratic National Convention, four delegates will represent the 15th district, which includes the eastern part of the county; five will represent the 16th, which includes the majority of the county, including Butler city; and eight will represent the 17th, which includes Cranberry Township and a small sliver of the southwestern tier of the county. The districts also represent other counties in this section of the state.

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