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Voting by mail opens new can of worms

May 29, 2020 Letters to the Editor

Some government advertising encourages us to vote by mail, saying it is easy to do.

Polling places, so available in many communities, allow the voter to be assured his/her vote is being counted. During the virus outbreak, safety is necessary.

As with big-box stores and other businesses, polling places can also be made safe.

Voting by mail opens up a new “can of worms.”

Can the polls be assured the vote is actually cast by the voter’s name? How many times can one person without proper I.D. vote in this way? Can ballots be filled out using ficticious names? Can counterfeit ballots be printed, or filled in by hackers over the internet? Can a flood of illegal ballots over power the system? Can the polls be assured the vote is cast for the candidate named?

Assuring one vote by one person is accurately counted, overrides the need to vote by mail.