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President working at destroying justice system


April 4, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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In recent letters to the editor from several people, I have come to the realization that the authors of our Constitution got it right when they separated church from state.

So much hate coming from Christian people.

Are all Democrats socialists, devils or demons? George, who constatnly finds fault with anything democratic goes on and on and preaches supporting our nutcase of a president! I wonder if he has heard of Nixon, Agnew, McCarthy, or Iran Contra?

So many people voted for a man with no morals, hangs out with porn stars and states that as president of our country can do anything he wants! He promised to drain the swamp, well he has; all of his friends and people he pretends to have never known are going to jail where there is now room because of the people he just pardoned from prison.

He is working at destroying our justice system. The people’s families he pardoned just happen to be large contributors to his campaign.

Trump was elected by telling people exactly what they wanted to hear, and those same people that elected him are just tickled to death because they won. I think history will prove they will actually be losers.

Clyde “Bud” Wyant


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