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412 Food Rescue expanding into the 724 area

February 26, 2020 Digital Media Exclusive

The extra food from a person’s plate heads to a landfill and releases carbon dioxide.

A Pittsburgh-based organization, 412 Food Rescue, is trying to save that food from the landfill and give it to those who are food insecure.

“A lot of the food we throw out is still OK, it’s still good to eat,” said Mel Cronin, regional expansion manager for 412 Food Rescue.

Cronin said the organization is expanding to incorporate Butler County and other surrounding counties into its network.

“We want to expand to the 724 area,” she said.

Volunteers for 412 Food Rescue need to download the phone application, which has an interactive map showing where food could be “rescued.”

Volunteers pick up food from grocery stores, fast food restaurants and other businesses and take it directly to the county’s food bank or one of its many pantries.

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