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5 customers still without water on Greenwood Drive

Water main break distrupted businesses

February 14, 2020 News Extra

BUTLER TWP — A water main break on Greenwood Drive Friday night briefly disrupted service to some homes and businesses in the township while five other customers remain without service, according to a Pennsylvania-American Water Co. spokesman.

Gary Lobaugh, company external affairs manager, said a water line break was called in at 7:30 p.m. on Greenwood Drive and crews shut off the water to stop the leak. The water ran onto Greenwood Drive making the road icy.

Resulting low pressure affected businesses to the east of Greenwood including Walmart and Sheetz. Water service was restored quickly to that area, Lobaugh said.

However, crews are still working Friday night to restore service to five customers on the west side. Lobaugh said the company expects the water to be back on for those customers by mid-morning Saturday.