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Child should be off limits in politics

January 18, 2020 Letters to the Editor

When the President of the United States takes the time from running the most powerful country in the world to ridicule, demean a minor child on Twitter — there is something seriously wrong with the man.

Then to replace Greta Thunberg’s face on the Time magazine cover for person of the year with his face for a re-election add is actually very sick and sad.

The unwritten rule in politics has been minor children are off limits. With this president anyone is fair game to be belittled.

Then his wife, his third wife, Melania of the “Be Best” campaign says it is fine to ridicule Greta Thunberg because this minor child is a climate activist.

Of all the things your teenage son or daughter can get into in high school — drugs, alcohol, shoplifting — it must be terrible to have your child worried about the future, to be concerned about the environment.

Greta Thunberg is worried about our future. Greta would like us to have clean air to breath — asthma rates in children are climbing. Clean water to drink — no lead, oil, chemicals, sewage in the water. Clean air and clean water is this a bad thing?

To clean up this planet, our home that we have been destroying with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fires, plastic waste.

Greta Thunberg has woken up young people to realize we cannot continue down this path of destruction. We need strong leadership to stop the destruction. Not a bully who taunts a small, but determined young woman who is passionate about her cause.