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Vogel Disposal stops recycling collection in several townships

January 17, 2020 Digital Media Exclusive

Scott Ehrmentrout empties a recycling bin into the truck he drives for Vogel Disposal.

Vogel Disposal will stop collecting recyclables in several townships after pickups scheduled for the week beginning Jan. 20.

The decision to curb recycling pickup for Vogel customers in Donegal, Oakland and Concord townships — as well as Chicora — stems from low participation rates, according to the company.

Even though recycling in those townships is not mandated locally or by the state, Vogel began offering the service five years ago, said Doug Vogel of Vogel Disposal.

“We decided to offer it five years ago and it never really took off. We had some residents do it. We had a 25 percent participation rate,” Vogel said. “When we started, we thought we would get a better participation rate, but it didn't happen.”

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