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In praise of Butler High School football

January 16, 2020 Letters to the Editor

I am responding to the letter from Robert Bintrim published in the Eagle on Jan. 11, claiming that Butler football is a joke.

Frankly, I’m surprised that the Eagle would print such libelous tripe.

To be clear, my wife was president of the Butler Football boosters for the last two years. She has put in countless hours raising money and doing everything in her power to provide the best situation possible for our players and coaches.

The same goes for every other member of the boosters’ board. To suggest that any of them have paid to have their child play is insulting not only to them, but also to the coaching staff. Some of their kids barely saw the field, if at all.

Nonetheless, they pursued their VOLUNTEER positions with great enthusiasm and dedication.

As for the coaching staff, I could not have asked for better men to help mold my son into the person he is. That goes for all the coaches that have been there throughout the last four years. It is an uphill climb they face after years of decline. A healthy roster of 25 or so players just doesn’t cut it in 6A football. Any kid that would claim that they didn’t play because their parents aren’t a booster is delusional, and perhaps should look inward.

These coaches are desperate for athletic kids to come out for football. The best players play, period. I applaud the district for going independent in order to try to get interest up in the program.

Finally, thank you to the coaches, the boosters, the parents, the dedicated players and everyone else who lives and dies with Butler Football. Wins and losses aren’t the only measure of success; to think otherwise is the real joke.

Dana Cornibe, Butler