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Democrat DeSantis to challenge U.S. Rep. Kelly

December 13, 2019 News Extra

Edward DeSantis

A third Democrat is running for the U.S. House seat occupied by Mike Kelly, R-16th.

Edward DeSantis, 32, of Sharon, Mercer County, said he thinks he stands the best chance among the Democratic field of defeating Kelly. It’s his first time running for office, and he said he felt called into the race by his dissatisfaction with Kelly.

“Mike Kelly, he only cares about himself and holding his seat,” DeSantis said. “He doesn’t care about this district.”

DeSantis was born and raised in Sharon. He said he works in the finance industry — specifically, with automotive lenders to set up car loans for customers.

He’s unmarried, but has a significant other.

DeSantis said he likes the two other Democrats seeking the party’s nomination, but he hasn’t heard specific enough plans from either to defeat Kelly.

He’s joining Kristy Gnibus of Erie County and Daniel Smith Jr. of Adams Township in the race.

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