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Document details alleged deceit by past COO, husband

November 30, 2019 News Extra

Unsealed affidavit sheds light on federal investigation

The “deep trust” placed in former COO Stephanie Roskovski by Butler Health System was allegedly betrayed, according to a recently unsealed court document.

Roskovski, now facing dozens of federal embezzlement and fraud charges, allegedly stole more than $1 million from the nonprofit health network, according to the document.

The federal government filed a 42-count grand jury indictment in April charging the hospital's former second in command and her husband, Scott, with embezzling $1.3 million from the health system and placed them on pretrial supervision.

The court document unsealed in November details the two-year investigation into the Center Township woman and her husband, a former county detective, that began in 2017 and led to the search and seizure of documents, electronic devices and email correspondences belonging to the Roskovskis during the summer of 2018 and their arrests this past April.

Originally used to obtain search warrants executed at the Roskovskis' home and business – Switchback MX – as well as their son's apartment, the filing was unsealed in response to a motion by the defense to suppress the bulk of the evidence seized.

Prosecutors allege that a portion of the embezzled money was used to help purchase and redesign the “expansive motorcross racetrack.”

Attorneys Michael Comber and Wesley Gorman petitioned the court in October in separate filings on behalf of Stephanie and Scott Roskovski respectively, to suppress all search warrants connected to the case, thus suppressing any evidence seized. The motions argue the warrants were unconstitutional and in the case of emails, violated the confidentiality of attorney-client privilege.

Included in the unsealed document is key information about how an independent audit made by the health system led first to Stephanie Roskovski's firing from her position as chief operating officer in August 2017, and then led federal investigators to allege she defrauded her former employer of about $1.9 million using a variety of deceitful methods.

Among the many examples included in the documents, Stephanie Roskovski is alleged to have altered an email confirmation receipt for a U2 concert so that it looked like “physician recruitment events” for the hospital.

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