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Vote for experience in prothonotary race

October 19, 2019 Letters to the Editor

I am a bit confused about the race for prothonotary.

As I understand it, prothonotary is responsible for helping the general public file their documents correctly as well as doing data entry daily and processing everything that comes in the mail and across the counter. In addition, the prothonotary handles the pleadings and filings from all the judges.

The current prothonotary, Glenna Walters, is retiring so the position must be filled. Why is this a political position when there is a person who has been working with Glenna as deputy prothonotary for 13 years,

Paula Painter, who knows the prothonotary duties backward and forward while managing a staff of seven to eight?

The other candidate running for the position, Kelly Ferrari, is simply a freelance court reporter from what I understand.

Attorneys and townships hire her to type some of their depositions, and she has nothing to do with the prothonotary’s pleadings or filings.

The prothonotary’s salary is paid by taxpayer dollars, so why on earth would we want to spend hard-earned taxpayer dollars to start training someone else who has never, ever worked or held a position in the prothonotary?

We already have the experienced Deputy Prothonotary Paula Painter, who needs zero training and who has been endorsed by retiring Prothonotary, Glenna Walters?

Let’s reward the work ethic, 13 years of experience and knowledge of Paula Painter by voting for her on Nov. 5 so she can keep the job she has earned!

Anne Baker