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McQuistion Elementary students use white canes to learn about classmate

October 18, 2019 Digital Media Exclusive

Adalyn White, a legally blind second grade student at McQuistion Elementary School, shows classmates how to use her white cane. Adalyn can see somewhat, so she donned a blindfold like her classmates.

BUTLER TWP — To celebrate a classmate, second graders at McQuistion Elementary gripped white canes Friday afternoon.

Heather Campbell’s second grade class welcomed a duo of Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV instructors for a special lesson Friday.

The lesson aimed to help students better understand one of their own: Adalyn White. Adalyn is legally blind and uses a white cane to get around the school. The class also celebrated Blindness Awareness Month.

Lia Noel, a teacher for the visually impaired, and Jessica Sloan, an orientation and mobility teacher, walked the class through three activities.

Students practiced using white canes. They colored in pictures with their eyes closed, relying only on braille-like ridges on their papers. And after learned what the different parts of a white cane are called, the class made little bead bracelets made to look like the canes.

“We’re just trying to make the kids aware of some of the experiences of visually impaired students and people,” Noel said.

Adalyn, like many blind people, can see some shadows and colors. She donned a blindfold similar to her classmates. Holding her eyes closed, she completed a masterfully colored drawing.

“I’m no peeper,” she exclaimed, laughing at her fellow students. I’m no peeper, peeper pumpkin eater.”

This is an excerpt from an article that appears in Sunday’s Butler Eagle.