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Vogel Holdings owned landfill planning to reopen in Grove City receives pushback by activists,residents

October 18, 2019 News Extra

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A file photo of a Vogel Disposal truck parked at the fueling station.

The Tri-County landfill received pushback again from residents and activists at a public hearing Wednesday night in the auditorium of Grove City High School.

Tri-County Industries has submitted a new application to reopen the closed landfill in Pine and Liberty townships.

The Tri-County trash service is under the ownership of Vogel Holding of Mars. Vogel Disposal in Mars and Seneca Landfill in Evans City are both under the umbrella of Vogel Holdings, which parents 11 different companies involved in trash collection, recycling, landfill development and engineering.

Stephen Shields of Worth Township commutes about 15 minutes every day to work as a pilot for the Grove City Airport.

Shields was one of the first to speak at the hearing with concerns about a reopened landfill drawing in a higher concentration of bird populations.

He said more birds in the air creates a dangerous situation for all the pilots who use the airport.

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