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We need to find middle ground in election

October 11, 2019 Letters to the Editor

After having read a recent letter to the editor, I have to wonder if the author believes all Democrats are far left.

I am sure with the current climate in this country that most Democrats think Republicans are far right.

It is my opinion that what we do have is a divided country, and therein lies the problem; we have to work together and find a middle.

There was a time when voters actually evaluated candidates and made decisions on merit. Now most people just go in and vote straight ticket.

Our elected officials have made full-time jobs out of their positions and seem to have no accountability knowing they are in a district that will elect them no matter what.

These same elected officials have better benefits and all the perks than the average American will ever have.

This country is supposed to be “We the People,” not the “thems” and “us’s.” At voting time, look for candidates that will find common ground.

On a different note, I as a South Butler taxpayer, have a real problem with video games being subsidized by taxpayers. These computers are very expensive. I say teach computer programming etc., but leave the games at home!!!

Clyde “Bud” Wyant, Butler