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Heat advisory issued for Butler County

How to stay safe and cool during this weekend's heat wave

July 18, 2019 News Extra

Over the weekend, a “true summer heat wave” will scald Western Pennsylvania and Butler County, bringing with it a steamy mix of humidity that will make it feel like temperatures are as high as 110 to 115 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. The heat watch advisory issued by National Weather Service begins on Friday evening and continues into Saturday evening.

With the temperature rising, various organizations have suggested safety tips. Several are collected below.

• Keep your cell phone charged, so you can contact your utility, other emergency services and family members during a possible power outage.

• Avoid going out in the sun during the heat wave.

• Secure necessary food, medicine and other supplies, including batteries for flashlights. Ÿ Drink plenty of fluids, but not the alcoholic kind as that leads to further dehydration, in an air-conditioned room.

• Butler County residents are primarily served by two companies. West Penn Power's number is (888) 544-4877. Central Electric Cooperative can be reached at (800) 282-8610.

• Close curtains or window blinds to block sunlight and heat, and relax in rooms that do not receive direct sunlight.

• If you have window air conditioning units, close off rooms not in use.

• On hot and humid days, set your thermostat at 78 degrees when you are home and 85 degrees or off when you are away for long periods.

• Make sure that furniture is not blocking air conditioner vents or grates as that will prevent proper air circulation.