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Additional rainfall in forecast

June 19, 2019 News Extra

Rising flood waters at the convergence of Wolf Creek and Slippery Rock Creek affected houses on Lang Lane, off of New Castle Road/State Route 108, Tuesday night.

This is an excerpt — pick up Wednesday's Butler Eagle to read the full article and find out more about how the rain is affecting roads and local farmers.

While farmers pray for a break from the rain, just long enough to sow fields or cut hay, the upcoming weather forecast indicates they might want to consider building an ark instead.

“We're seeing water in places we've never seen before,” said meteorologist Fred McCullen with the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh. “The streams can only handle about one inch more of rain.”

And, unfortunately, McCullen said that extra inch could come as early as Thursday afternoon when the region is expected to see upward of 1.25 inches of rain. He said the additional rainfall could lead to streams jumping their banks and he warns people living near creeks to keep a close eye on water levels.

More importantly, he warned motorists to play it safe and steer clear of flooded roadways.

“I'm sure there are some kayakers on (Slippery Rock Creek), but I would advise against it,” said Dustin Drew, park manager for both Moraine and McConnells Mill state parks. “It can certainly be done, but it would take a very high skill level with the water this high. You just don't know what's underneath the water.