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May 25, 2019 Digital Media Exclusive

Linda Rodriguez spends time with her father Elmer Glenn, 95, at Sgt. Joseph George Kusick Community Living Center at VA Butler Healthcare. Glenn served with the U.S. Army during World War II.

WWII veteran recalls combat all over Europe

Below is an excerpt of just one of seven incredible profile pieces honoring our military veterans that appears in Sunday's Butler Eagle. To learn more about Elmer Glenn's heroism during WWII, make sure to pick up your copy of the Butler Eagle today.

Army veteran Elmer Glenn will never forget April 10, 1945 — the day his “foxhole buddy” Beverly Graham died in World War II.

“I was with him 'til he got killed,” said Glenn, 95. “The war ended May 8. It wasn't even a month until the war ended. That was hard to take. I didn't know his home address. For years, I fought with that.”

The two fought together for about six months, and grew to be like brothers.

“Only thing, I was Glenn and he was Graham,” Glenn quipped.

Years passed until Glenn's daughter's stepson tracked down Graham's family in Virginia.

Seventy years had passed before Glenn had the chance to tell them he was with him when he was killed. He traveled there to see Graham's wife, the son Graham never saw before his death, and his brothers and sisters.

“If you lose a child like that, you'd like to know how it happened,” Glenn said. “I always thought I wanted to tell them I was with him. That was a big load off my mind; I don't know why. We lost men every day. Our company was 400 percent casualties and he was one of them.”