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Dischman sentenced to state prison

May 23, 2019 News Extra

Kasey Dischman

A 32-year-old woman's long criminal history with the county dating back to her teens ended Thursday when she was sentenced to state prison.

Judge William Shaffer sentenced Kasey Dischman of Butler to one to two years in prison for endangering the welfare of a child in 2017 after she overdosed while seven months pregnant. Dischman originally faced a more serious charge of felony aggravated assault of an unborn child, but that was dropped by the court later that same year.

Dischman's sentence typically lands people in county jail but she requested that her sentence be transferred to state prison.

“This court is well familiar with Ms. Dischman,” her public defender Joseph Smith told the court during sentencing. “Hopefully this will be a new start.”

Dischman was also sentenced in a second case where she received one year of state probation for possessing drug paraphernalia in 2018.

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