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Officials, supervisors discuss concerns over new 911 radio system

May 17, 2019 Digital Media Exclusive

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Pictured are the new emergency radios that will soon be used throughout the county.

PENN TWP — A meeting between county officials and some northern township supervisors Thursday aimed to resolve concerns over the new 911 radio systems coming this year.

Steve Bicehouse, the county's director of emergency services, along with county commissioners Kim Geyer and Leslie Osche met with officials from Venango, Allegheny and Parker townships during a meeting of the Butler County Association of Township Officials. The meeting was arranged during the association's event for convenience sake, as representatives all gathered at the Butler County Country Club.

The county officials wanted to resolve rumors about new radio systems that Bicehouse and the Butler County Communications Council are soon to begin testing throughout the county. The northern township supervisors wanted answers to questions they and their local emergency services had about the new radios.

Those questions revolved around two points of contention: the number of new radios some departments are getting financial assistance to obtain, and what happens to areas around the edge of the county that are served by a mixture of departments, including some outside of Butler County.

This is an excerpt — pick up Sunday's Butler Eagle or subscribe online to read about issues brought up by an official regarding radios being provided to private emergency companies.

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