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April 17, 2019 Letters to the Editor

I have been a part of the Armco/AK Steel community my whole life. My grandfather retired from Armco while my husband and many other family members have worked there through much of my life. I remember when Armco was one of the best places to work.

The name has since been tarnished with the takeover by AK Steel in 2001. The new contract is the most embarrassing display of care for hard working, middle class Americans. I can definitely say CEO Roger Newport and the rest of AK management are so far out of touch with middle class Americans. I guess that’s what happens when you live a lavish lifestyle full of million-dollar raises. Not only does the new contract barely give a raise with no signing bonus, it barely covers health care premiums for a family not to mention that absolutely ridiculously high deductible.

Armco and AK Steel have been known for their great health insurance. While taking this away will put more money in the CEO and management pockets, it will do absolutely nothing for employee morale and retention rate.

There is no incentive to work at AK Steel with this new proposed contract.

AK Steel will no longer have a competitive advantage over other employers. I’m sad and disappointed with the lack of care and respect AK Steel has for its employees.