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Student accidentally brings loaded handgun to school

March 21, 2019 News Extra

A student at Butler Middle School accidentally brought a loaded handgun into the school Thursday, according to police and the school's superintendent.

The gun was discovered while the student passed through the school's metal detector at the entrance, according to Butler School District Superintendent Brian White, and school officials found the gun after searching the bag. Butler City Police were called to respond and the youth is being charged with possession of a firearm without a license under the age of 18, carrying without a license and possession on school property, according to Lt. Chad Rensel. The youth also faces school disciplinary action, White said.

“It looks like it was just an accident,” Rensel said. “The kid had transferred his belongings from an old bag to a new bag and, unfortunately, his family's gun was in there.”

Rensel added that, “We had no indication that he wanted to do any harm or intended to do anything wrong” — but “unfortunately, he's going to be charged.”