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No one’s been rejected

March 15, 2019 Letters to the Editor

My dad was a Methodist. By example and word he taught respect, tolerance and love. He was not politically correct and saw no benefit in being closed-minded. Start name-calling and he figured you had lost your argument and had nothing more to add other than to be insulting. We see that a lot these days.

The United Methodist Church has maintained its original stance on sexuality. At a time when other denominations are willing to rewrite the Bible through interpretation, Methodists have decided to honor biblical teachings as put forth by Christ and his disciples. This does not mean that LGBTQ folk are to be denied membership or participation in the church.

I do not hold myself up above anyone else. I’ve heard it said that a church is a hospital for sinners, not a shrine for saints. No one seeking the love and saving grace of God should ever be turned away from any Christian church. But don’t expect Christians to embrace any and all behaviors without regard to scripture, and that includes expressing and engaging in any form of sexual behavior outside of marriage.

Don’t say that the UMC is hate filled, bigoted, prejudiced or homophobic. I would like to think that most members are loving, caring Christians who will be proud that their denomination which, unlike many others, has chosen to stand by the teachings of the New Testament in the face of significant pressures and threats from a vocal segment that wants to use the UMC to further their own social agenda.