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Man pulled over for too many air fresheners

February 15, 2019 Digital Media Exclusive

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Marcus G. Troupe, 26

Is it illegal to have too many air fresheners hanging on a car's rearview mirror, a Pittsburgh man's lawyer asked Friday in Butler County court.

Officer Corey Wendel testified that he pulled Marcus G. Troupe, 26, over in a Jeep Grand Cherokee on March 24, 2018, in the 300 block of Third Street after noticing Troupe's windshield view was obstructed by “four air fresheners swaying in the breeze” attached to the rear view mirror.

Wendel said he walked up to the driver's side and smelled marijuana.

Troupe denied having anything, but Wendel said Troupe pulled out a bag of marijuana from his pocket when asked to get out of the car. Wendel searched the car, finding what he suspected was crack cocaine in a hidden component of the glove box.

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