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Rotten fruit

February 11, 2019 Letters to the Editor

The left’s tactics to regain the control of Congress and the executive branches of government are multifaceted. Fighting border barriers, voting rights and amnesty for illegals, downsizing ICE, total benefits to migrants and their offspring, legalization of late term abortions, offering a new age solution to human induced climate change, branding many of our wealthiest as racists, bigots and gender insensitive is now the effective weaponry Democrats.

The main stream media is giving the Dems free campaign ads through their biased news and talk shows. Our higher institutions of learning have successfully indoctrinated our young adults with leftist ideology, spawning hate and divisiveness within our society. The rotten fruit of lies and deception is being harvest by the Democratic Party. The Republicans by the act of omission are sitting by, watching our nation transform into an experimental new age socialist system.

The rotten fruit of group think was on display at the State of the Union Address. Discontented groans and scouring looks were rampant as the president announced that the U.S. is now the No. 1 producer of energy resources and is experiencing the fastest economic growth in history. The animus continued to grow when Trump declared that our country will never become socialist. Then the president put a stake through their hearts by requesting that Congress pass a bill to stop the legalization of late term abortion (which includes out of the womb termination of a baby’s life).

Simply said, the Democratic Party is engaging in a well planned and coordinated political coup d’état aimed at silencing opposition to its radical agenda to social justice via euro-style governing.

Many Dems blame Trump for the great gulf that now separates our citizens. The fact is, the election of Trump was a result of those who were determined to stop the rise of leftist radicalism.

The left’s master plan is simple. Offer the masses a guaranteed path to happiness by fleecing wealth from those they declare too wealthy. The fleecing will take the form of 70- to 90-percent tax on billionaires and a return to the previous federal and state and local taxes of nearly 39 percent on U.S. corporations. What if that money tree goes dry? That answer should be obvious. New taxes will be levied on millionaires and when that isn’t enough, then six-digit incomes will be next on the chopping block. How long will it be before the reigning regime will go after your tangible assets such as our personal property?

The irony is obvious to those of us who resist the radical Democratic agenda. If they gain the trust of tens of millions of illegal immigrants and the brainwashed college grads, they will undoubtedly control the popular vote. If the Dems somehow convince Congress to ax the electoral college, then you can kiss our free constitutional republic goodbye. You say it can’t happen here? Are you sure?