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Marriage Licenses

February 9, 2019 Marriage Licenses

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The following marriage licenses were issued in Butler County courts:

Xiu Liu and Timothy Fornadley, both of Worth Township

Tyler Boulanger and Morgan Miller, both of Butler Township

Benjamin Capets and Megan Klingler, both of Muddycreek Township

James Holmes Jr. and Janet Hoak, both of Plum, Allegheny County

Joseph Frank Jr. and Beth Merrick, both of Cranberry Township

Maria Albensi and Michael Marchese III, both of Middlesex Township

Kayla Conklin and Joshua Bombara, both of Butler Township

Wendy Bishop and Robert Malec, both of Donegal Township

Linda Kelsch and Mark Kelsch, both of Center Township

Kelly Lange and James McGroder Jr., both of New Bern Township, Craven County, N.C.

David Lollo and Gabrielle Swartzlander, both of Clay Township

Jonathan Green of Summit Township and Emily Doctor of Butler Township

Pamela Mackiewicz and Todd Voltz, both of Center Township

Joshua Turner and Emalee Renda, both of Butler Township

Micah Ufner and Steven Kuhrt, both of Butler Township

Ricky Fair and Lexey Vanhorn, both of Clay Township

Layne Kriebel and Joanna Schaffer, both of Fairview Township

Nickolas Hoch and Kaitlyn Dunlap, both of Cranberry Township

Matthew Perry and Kimberly Keller, both of Pine Township, Allegheny County

Joshua Adams and Tori Grossman, both of Slippery Rock Township

Robert Stull and Elicia Hooks, both of Jefferson Township

Rebecca Cratty of Connoquenessing Township and Cory Achezinski of Butler Township

Colleen Campbell and Patrick Lebda, both of Slippery Rock Township

Richard Schroder and Kayla Morrison, both of Middlesex Township

Emily Chunderlik and Edward Reinhardt III, both of Seven Fields

Duane Anderson and Megan Winkler, both of Washington Township

John Warren and Theresa Shaw, both of Buffalo Township

Adam Staniland and Jordan Laskowsky, both of Harmony

Chad Walter and Leeana Orait, both of Zelienople

Thomas Wilson III and Marlana Reges, both of Penn Township

Jared Kalmar of Winfield Township and Erin Lessner of Boggs Township, Armstrong County

Corey Conklin and Sherry Tharnish, both of Cranberry Township

Donald Volkman and Crystal Foreman, both of Butler Township

Kristina Thomas and Tamara Stewart, both of Louisville, Ky.

Garrett Mauthe and Leeann Parisi, both of Summit Township

Alyssa Blankenship and Brendan O’Brien, both of Butler

Jonathan Kriebel and Christine Snyder, both of Slippery Rock Township

Ryan Carrigan and Megan Davis, both of Cheswick Township, Allegheny County

Lindsay Dolan and John Perko, both of Cranberry Township

Patrick Snook and Amy Macurdy, both of Center Township

Leanne Gill and Ryan Burger, both of Evans City

Cody Lazar and Katelyn Frings, both of Cranberry Township

Kimberley McDeavitt and Kenneth Tyson Jr., both of Butler Township

Brent Hilderbrand of Donegal Township and Cindy Crilley of Chicora

Kenneth Burton and Drew Maynard, both of Butler

Zachary Kepple of Oakland Township and Marianna Williams of Donegal Township

Haley Thellman of Ellwood City, Beaver County, and Charles Spirk of Cranberry Township

Carrie Bradfield and Edward Perman Jr., both of Natrona Heights, Allegheny County

Paul Bieniek and Bryn Baughman, both of San Francisco, Calif.

Cody Beacom and Brittani Bracken, both of Jefferson Township

Brittney Kingsley of Summit Township and Andrew Courson of Butler Township

Alan Kelvington of Hampton, Allegheny County, and Julia Dawson of West Deer, Allegheny County

Shane Reed and Therysa Wise, both of Butler

Christopher Smith and Christine Candelora, both of Cranberry Township

Dustin Claypoole and Alexis Kline, both of Butler

Ashley Wagner and Dwight Morris, both of Cranberry Township

Laura Shoup and Matthew Engle, both of Butler Township

Kiley Clinton and Patrick Walker, both Starkville, Miss.

Jesse Laughner of Slippery Rock Township and Chelsea Master of West Manchester, York County

Shauntae Donner and Michael Eiswerth, both of Wexford, Allegheny County

Michael Olson of Forward Township and Adrienne Harakal of Poland, Ohio.

Brandon Manganaro and Kimberly Ladasky, both of Middlesex Township

Matthew Schrader and Stephanie Braden, both of Plum, Allegheny County

Mark Holmes Jr. and Emerald Adamik, both of Butler

David Householder of Hammondsville, Ohio, and Katrina Lokhaiser of Center Township

Jonathan Selling and Erika Stafford, both of Cranberry Township

Stephanie Stringos and John Kaiser Jr., both of Cranberry Township

Randy Bowser Jr. of Butler Township and Denise Slagel of Butler

Justin Swan and Erin Gindlesperger, both of Middlesex Township

Lucas Roman and Jane Vandrak, both of Sausalito, Calif.

Brent Patten and Lynda McIntosh, both of Hovey Township, Armstrong County

Andrew VonHofen and Jessica Schrott, both of Zelienople

Kimberly Crisman and Glenn Morrow III, both of Zelienople

Ronald Ferguson and Madalyn Banks, both of Hampton Township, Allegheny County

Phineas Record and Savannah McCance, both of Butler Township

Kathleen McDonnell and Ryan Perkins, both of Clay Township

Christopher Guerrero of West Kittaning Township, Allegheny County, and Rebecca Brinker of Winfield Township

Rachel Raducz of Butler and Seth Dillon of Oakland Township

Garrett Weitzel of Center Township and Tonya Oesterling of Summit Township

Angela Zarnick and Mark Edwards Jr., both of Butler Township

David Benedict and Jessica Montgomery, both of Butler Township

Melanie Venturino and Thomas Tonti, both of O’Hara Township, Allegheny County

Samuel Riemer and Leah Newman, both of Jefferson Township

Jaryd Herbert and Alyssa Miller, both of Kennedy Township, Allegheny County

Dawn Thomas and Joseph Musick, both of Butler

Bryan Downs and Ashley Greenwalt, both of West Deer Township, Allegheny Township

Jonathan Balint and Megan Keller, both of Zelienople

Michelle Carson and David Houston, both of Muddycreek Township

Richard Blose and Eileen Ziskowski, both of Cranberry Township

Wesley Norris and Veronica Haglan, both of Brady Township

Kyle Knauf and Bradley Young, both of Jackson Township

Cody Gilbert and Brittany Eppinger, both of Butler Township

Matthew Tessaro and Charlotte Ellsworth, both of Cranberry Township

Steven Hovis and Brittany Edwards, both of Chicora

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