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More, worse wrecks

February 8, 2019 Letters to the Editor

I have been in the business of towing, buying, and buying and selling vehicles my entire life. I have never seen as many terrible major vehicle crashes — cars, trucks, vans, buses, tractor trailers, rollovers, vehicles down over embankments, multiple vehicles, severe wrecks of totaled vehicles, people dead or trapped in vehicles, vehicles smashed into utility poles — since the popularity of cell phones.

There are other factors. Things like alcohol and drug abuse.

What would alert drivers to safety issues? More signs? More police enforcement? More public service announcements?

Nothing works if people choose to drive drunk or dosed, speed, run red lights or stop signs, drive aggressively, tailgate, or abandon courtesy when trying to pull out of an intersection.

Butler Eagle editorials and suggestions from elected and law enforcement officials must continue to draw public awareness to these ongoing problems. Help is needed to prevent more deadly, major vehicle crashes.