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Overdoses suspected in Lafayette Apartments deaths

December 11, 2018 News Extra

Authorities say they suspect a man and woman died of drug overdoses Tuesday at the Lafayette Apartments in Butler.

Emergency crews were called about 10:40 p.m. to the apartment complex at 302 S. Main St. for the report of two bodies found.

Butler City Police have released the names. Both were found in the same fourth-floor apartment where the man,Todd Terry, 59, lived.

The woman, Donna Digiacomo, 49, lived in the Butler area.

A neighbor reportedly came home and saw the door to the man's apartment open. The neighbor went to check and discovered the bodies.

Authorities said the bodies were found in the living room. Digiacomo was on the floor and Terry was laying over the arm of the chair, with his face down in the chair.

There was no trauma on either body and no evidence of foul play. Investigators reportedly found an empty stamp bag of a suspected unknown drug and a cut up straw.

Butler County Deputy Coroner Larry Barr pronounced them dead about midnight. He said it appeared that they had been dead for several hours

Autopsies are planned later today.

Butler police are investigating.

Update 12/12: This article was updated to include the names of the deceased.