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Judge McCune to replace Judge Shaffer on Prison Board

October 16, 2018 News Extra

Judge Timothy McCune will replace Judge William Shaffer on the Prison Board.

The game of musical chairs in Butler County's court system continues this week, with Judge Timothy McCune replacing Judge William Shaffer on the county's Prison Board.

The board oversees Butler County Prison and is comprised of the county commissioners, district attorney, county controller, county sheriff and, now, McCune.

Shaffer had held the position for the last decade. But with his new role as the acting administrator of the county's Common Pleas Court system taking up a portion of his time, he selected McCune to replace him on the board.

McCune may have just been appointed to the board, but the position is not a new one for him. He was Butler's district attorney before becoming a judge and between 1996 to 2005 he served on the prison board.

During the end of his tenure he aided in the planning and creation of the current jail in downtown Butler.

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