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Originalist majority

October 16, 2018 Letters to the Editor

It probably will never be known who it really was that compromised the reputation of this Brett Kavanaugh character.

I suspect one Brett Kavanaugh.

That Judge Brett is an adherent to the originalist school of thought that interprets the U.S. Constitution as a dead, dead document still reposing the 18th century is one thing we do know.

With Kavanaugh's seat now confirmed, he and his Supreme Court soulmates will now form an originalist jurisprudential majority.

With that formation, the masses can now expect majority court renderings not in their best interests.

I'm talking about more pollution, more inequality, more bigotry defined as religious liberty, and, to put it bluntly, women and girls again seeking abortions out back.

Deaths will occur.

Yet, conservative columnists and talking heads are most concerned about Justice Kavanaugh's besmirched reputation.

What a tragedy! Let us pray.