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If the church could talk

October 12, 2018 Letters to the Editor

Effective Oct. 15, there aren’t any scheduled Masses for St. Alphonsus Church in Murrinsville. Therefore, in memory of my ancestors and of those of many others along with the wonderful priests who happily served Mass, the kind and generous parishioners and visitors who attended Mass, gave of their gifts, talents and time, I as a member of St. Alphonsus Parish say thank you for having shared in a long and beautiful history, as very briefly mentioned below.

I’m a little stone church standing on a hillside overlooking a peaceful valley, built in 1841 by men strong enough to lift heavy timbers and stone but humble enough to recognize the need for a church to worship God.

I have watched the dawn of each new morning, greeted passers-by of all faiths and all beliefs, welcoming everyone into my dwelling place, where peace is found without a spoken word.

I have seen many changes dating back further than the Civil War, and now am caused to wonder about my future. However, in the meantime I remain in humility with my needed repairs and stained-glass windows fading in the silence of history, embraced by God’s natural beauty surrounding me.

History is not to be worshipped, but a reminder of those who have gone before us, making the world a better place to awaken to each morning.