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Agenda of greed


October 10, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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On April 21, 2012, journalist David Schlecht described socialism: “Business exists for the sake of providing for society or the social good. America’s forefathers believed socialism was such a fundamental inclination that our government is defined as We the People. The corporations in America try to hide this fact and purposely confuse socialism with fascism and communism.”

President Trump’s United Nations General Assembly speech was marked with contradictions. “Socialism leads to expansion and oppression,” he stated. Later on, he offered this incredulous reversal. There is India, a free society of over a billion people, lifting countless millions out of poverty into the middle class.” America’s middle-class safety nets were being appropriated by The Donald, as he spoke. Then this mindless fib. The FBI’s public enemy No. 1, Trump asserted, “We believe in the rule of law.” Preposterous! His ongoing vicious verbal attacks on America’s hallowed intelligence agencies are well documented.

The 2019 federal budget became effective on Oct. 1, 2018. Fasten your safety belts, middle America, for there is unprecedented turbulence ahead — $537 billion in Medicare cuts and $1.5 trillion in Medicaid and other health programs over 10 years, moving toward a system of private health insurance plans; $2.6 trillion in reductions to other mandatory spending programs, including Welfare and other anti-poverty programs, while a $21 trillion debt is rapidly on the rise.

Schlecht also described fascism as “the merging of corporate and government interests (lobbying). It’s when corporations have taken over the government, and the wealthy control the entire country.” Sound familiar?

The tax reform bill passed in December is estimated to add $1.9 million to the national debt over 10 years. As a result, 10 percent of families may soon own more than 80 percent of America’s wealth.

While Trump’s tyrannical forces run roughshod over America’s allies, its foes and America itself, TV cable news networks resemble the National Enquirer in their coverage of political scandal and corruption that epitomizes the Trump administration.

Replacing a complicate Republican House and Senate is essential this Nov. 6. Should we fail to recognize this force of evil that guides America’s destiny, We the People are headed for Armageddon, driven by American greed.

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