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Emergency helicopter called to BC3 fire training center

October 9, 2018 News Extra

An emergency helicopter lands at Butler County Community College Tuesday night.

UPDATED: 10:00 a.m. Oct. 10

A fully-geared firefighter was knocked unconscious after hitting her head on a concrete block during a fire drill on Butler County Community College’s main campus, according to a spokesperson for the college.

The Neshannock Township Volunteer Fire Department in Lawrence County had rented out the Public Safety Training Facility for the night as part of an exercise when the firefighter fell on a staircase, according to William Foley. He confirmed that she was wering a helmet. An emergency medical technician tended to her until first responders with the Butler County Emergency Services arrived. She regained consciousness and an emergency medical helicopter landed on a parking lot nearby. The helicopter flew her to Allegheny General Hospital around 9:25 p.m. according to Foley. The name of the firefighter was not available and members of the fire department were not immediately available for comment.

The facility at Butler County Community College offers training and education programs to Fire Fighters, EMS, HazMat and Police professionals across Western Pennsylvania.