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Seneca Valley responds to lawsuit

October 8, 2018 News Extra

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JACKSON TWP — Seneca Valley School District has responded to the lawsuit against it from a student and his parents claiming their son was tormented and suffered physical and psychological trauma as a result of two instances of false sexual assault allegations.

“We feel strongly the lawsuit being filed against the Seneca Valley School District is without merit,” said the statement emailed Monday by the district's media support specialist, Katherine Huttinger. “We have followed all applicable laws, and we will vigorously defend ourselves throughout the process.”

The school still had not been officially served with lawsuit papers as of Monday but was made aware of it through media attention, according to the statement.

The district announced that it would not offer further comment on the details of the lawsuit or the situation and cited its state of “ongoing litigation” and “federal privacy laws protect student information” as the reasoning for this decision.

The statement also described the school's first priority as “the safety and well-being of our students, staff, parents and volunteers who enter our buildings.”

The statement said the school has policies and procedures in place to protect individuals but did not specify to which policies it was referring in response to the lawsuit and incidents described in it.

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