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Trump’s farce

September 20, 2018 Letters to the Editor

One of the incessant inanities spouted by President Donald Trump in the past two years concerned “draining the swamp.”

Well, has he? This has been one of the most corrupt administrations in history and Trump is not even halfway through his term. Can anyone keep track of all the outlaws, in-laws and blatant miscreants in his administration?

I can’t fathom the minds and intentions of the individuals in this diseased regime. Trump’s continuous defection of any blame for mistakes or wrongdoings is a spot-on sign of this sickness. So is the lying. The president puts Pinocchio to shame. I am still not sure whether Trump and his minions are purposely lying (probably) or whether they actually believe the falsehoods they are spreading.

America lost a giant in John McCain. When I look at the Republicans in Congress, I see a collection of cowards who march in lockstep with “the Donald” out of fear of being caught in a Twitter storm.

We need a change. The congressional elections this November are a place to start, and 2020 is the time to end this farce.