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Kelly’s record


September 20, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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Congressman Mike Kelly’s remark, in a campaign ad, that “I’ll fight to protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare,“ is right up there with Rudy Guilani’s claim that “the truth isn’t the truth,“ and Donald Trump’s statement that “what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.“

The reality is that Kelly has supported every budget proposal that included cuts or privatization plans for Social Security and Medicare. The Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) has rated Kelly at 3 percent, indicating a pro-privatization stance.

According to the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, Donald Trump’s 2019 budget calls for slashing $83 billion dollars from Social Security over 10 years, including $70 billion dollars in cuts for Social Security disability programs over the same period.

If Mike Kelly is true to his word he’ll vote against these devastating cuts. As my late mother used to say, “actions speak louder than words.”

This is certainly the case against Mike Kelly. His voting record does not even remotely reflect his campaign promises.

That’s why I’m voting for Ron DiNicola this November.

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