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Debate time


September 15, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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If U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly wants to debate his Democratic opponent, Ron DiNicola, he has a funny way of showing it.

Kelly, R-Butler. declined to participate in a League of Women Voters forum. He’s said he’ll debate only on three non-negotiable days and locations. Do those terms make him sound serious about doing this?

It’s understandable why Kelly would be afraid to defend his record. He’d have to explain why he’s been an unfailing supporter of a president known more for his immoral lifestyle, racist agenda, incompetence, corruption and boorish and bullying behavior than any real legislative accomplishments.

He’d have to defend his support of the GOP’s efforts to undermine the Mueller investigation to protect the president and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his vote for a tax bill skewed to favor the rich and corporations.

It’s sad that a four-term lawmaker can only string together clichs and talking points in explaining these sometimes life-altering policies. We deserve better.

It takes more than proclaiming “Make America Great Again” to make someone a viable congressman. Kelly wants to hide from us for good reason.

Let’s make it easy for him by sending him home in November.

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