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Small electrical fire doused at Butler AAA building

September 14, 2018 News Extra

Volunteer firefighters from several departments responded to the Butler County AAA office on Route 8 North, late Friday evening.

A vigilant cleaning woman alerted volunteer firefighters to smoke in the AAA Butler County building near Clearview Mall late Friday night.

“I smelled smoke,” said Rhonda Weltner. “You could see the smoke in the building.” Weltner called firefighters at 10:13 p.m. Friday.

A small electrical fire in part of the ceiling caused the smoke, said Mike Pflugh, first assistant chief for the Unionville Volunteer Fire Department. Firefighters tore out ceiling panels and doused the fire with foam in one part of the office building.

Firefighters from Butler Township, Slippery Rock, Butler city and the Butler Ambulance Service were also on the scene. There were no injuries.