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Seneca Valley School Board votes to build school on Ehrman Road

September 10, 2018 News Extra

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JACKSON TWP - With an 8-1 vote, the Seneca Valley School Board on Monday approved moving the Evans City school project to the Ehrman Road site located in Cranberry and Jackson townships.

Kathy Whittle was the only dissenting vote. Every board member was in attendance at Monday night's meeting.

CannonDesign's lead architect on the Evans City school project, Mike Corb, presented a geotechnical report of the suggested construction sites before the vote and said Evans City had different bearing capacities which will require deeper foundations at a higher cost than that of the Ehrman Road property. Corb estimated that it would be a price difference of two or three times the cost of putting a foundation on the Ehrman site.

The board also brought in Jim Pearson, Seneca Valley transportation director, to present information on transportation logistics that would accompany moving the school.

As in the previous handful of school board meetings at which Evans City was a main topic, those who will be affected by the board's decision took time to discuss the problems they see with Evans City losing its school.

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