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Gordon pelts Butler County with rain

September 9, 2018 News Extra

Butler County met Tropical Storm Gordon Sunday morning, but it's not the same strong storm people fear.

“It is the remnants of a tropical storm,” Fred McMullen, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service of Pittsburgh, said.

McMullen said so far the rain has been the heaviest near the Mason-Dixon line.

He said in Butler County as of 8 a.m. Sunday, Saxonburg has seen 1.25 inches, Slippery Rock has seen 1.06 inches and Franklin Park, Allegheny County, which provides the best look at Southern Butler County, has seen 1.82 inches.

McMullen said experts are looking at between three to four inches for the whole storm, which is to continue until Monday afternoon.

“We're going to see a little break this afternoon and it will rain throughout the night tonight,” McMullen said.

There is also a Flood Watch in effect for many counties, but McMullen said Butler County residents should not worry too much.

The storm formed near the Florida Keys, affected South Florida and killing two people before creeping up the coast.

McMullen said despite the storm's reputation, the rain has not been too unusual.

“Streams continue to flow slowly,” he said. “Watch out for normal low spots.”

McMullen said to pay attention to the road, take different routes that are seeing a lot of water and drive at safe speeds. Practice makes perfect because this may not be the last time rain like this comes this way.