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Trump helps workers

June 14, 2018 Letters to the Editor

Ever since the beginning of President Trump’s campaign, trade issues have been at the forefront of the public policy conversation. Much has been made about the ongoing trade relationship with China, but we can’t let it overshadow some of the truly impressive wins the president has scored when it comes to trade.

For years, Middle East countries have been subsidizing their airline industries and openly attacking our domestic air carriers through their expansion into international flights. Earlier this year, Trump scored a win by getting Qatar to agree to better enforcement of the open sky agreement between their country and ours; and just a few weeks ago, scored a similar win with the United Arab Emirates.

These wins have led to greater financial transparency with these airlines that have operated for years as quasi-government owned entities. This will lead to a rollback in subsidies and a true return of fair competition with the domestic carriers.

The airline industry in our country supports thousands and thousands of jobs. President Trump has stepped up big-time and delivered on the campaign promises to protect these jobs. I, for one, am proud to have a president who stands strong for American workers.