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Butler to repay $85,000 to Vogel Disposal Service

May 23, 2018 News Extra

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Butler will have to repay a large amount of money to Vogel Disposal Service.

A Vogel company bookkeeper discovered that the company overpaid the city about $85,000 in administration fees over the last four years.

The administrative fees had been mistakenly paid from commercial garbage collection fees in addition to the residential fees.

Vogel pays the city a percentage of its receipts from residential garbage collection fees to cover the cost of resolving disputes, city officials said.

Tom Breth, the city's solicitor who also represents Vogel, said the company is willing to discuss the repayment.

Butler Mayor Ben Smith said the city didn't receive or spend the money all at once so it won't be paid back all at once.

A full story will appear in the Butler Eagle.

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